STEM Workforce Council

Our STEM Workforce Council is committed to providing the citizens of Central Texas with tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Through our STEM Workforce Programs, students are introduced to skills and training sessions that increase computer competency, critical thinking skills, and intermediate job training.

STEM learning is critical to a 21st century education, but there remains a serious mismatch of skills for entering the workforce.  According to data from the Ray Marshall Center’s Student Futures Project, only 21 percent of students in Central Texas graduated with an interest in an Engineering, Computer & Information Services, or Natural Sciences & Mathematics post-secondary program.  Further, research suggests that students indicating a preference for a STEM career by the eighth grade are two to three times more likely to earn STEM degrees than their peers.

The STEM Workforce Council offers a variety of career training programs that blend workforce and education emphases to students across the K-16 spectrum to ensure students are college- and career-ready and with an eye on the goal of increasing the number of students reporting an interest in target-industry programs to 30 percent or more by 2015.

STEM Council Quarterly Meetings provide a forum for reaching a wide audience of industry and education leaders. Meetings typically include networking, information gathering, educational needs assessments, sharing best practices, and presenting new opportunities for industry engagement in STEM education in the region.

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