The Programs

Gateway – Rapid Workforce Training
The Gateway Rapid Workforce Training program provides valuable training, education, and preparation for students looking to increase their chances of gaining entry-level employment. In just four to eight weeks, the courses available will provide participants with the necessary skills to gain a successful career with the potential for upward mobility, and increased wages. Every course includes training that is directly connected to what Central Texas employers are seeking in their employees. Learn More.

Empower – Computer Proficiency Training
The Empower Computer Proficiency program is a ten week computer training course for adults looking to update their skills to meet the demands of today’s technologically savvy job market by learning the fundamentals of computer programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Office. Participants are better able to increase their confidence to compete today’s competitive job market. Learn More.

NEXT – Intermediate Job Training
The NEXT Intermediate Job Training program provides customized intermediate job training and professional development to adults and youth. Led by experienced industry leaders, participants learn the most effective strategies and methods to succeed in the workplace and move into the intermediate level. Each training session facilitates evaluation, teaches new techniques and provides feedback. Like other Skillpoint Alliance STEM Workforce programs, participants receive a mix of hands-on, classroom and project-based instruction to accommodate all learning styles. Learn more.

STEM Youth Programs
Skillpoint Alliance co-develops youth programs through a partnership of industry, ISD, and post-secondary institutions that; improve teacher competencies to better deliver industry-relevant course content to students; provide students with experiential and applied learning opportunities; and integrate best practices and resources from industry and education. Through our STEM youth programs at Skillpoint, students are provided with experiential and applied learning opportunities that integrate that best practices and resources from industry and education. We believe all industry leaders, particularly those in emerging high-tech fields, have a role to play in shaping the educational landscape for the youth of Central Texas. Learn More.

STEM Workforce Council
Our STEM Workforce Council is committed to providing Texans with the tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. The STEM Workforce Council offers a variety of career training programs that blend workforce and education emphases to students across the K-16 spectrum. To ensure students are college-and-career ready, students are introduced to skills and training sessions that increase computer competency, critical thinking skills, and intermediate job training. Learn More.