About Us

Skillpoint Alliance is a 501(c)3 social enterprise that builds partnerships among industry, education and the community, leading to college and career success for Central Texans, while meeting employers’ needs for a qualified workforce.


We facilitate and sustain industry-led work force development solutions, while addressing the need to develop local talent and provide educational opportunities leading to college and career success for our citizens.


Every Texan is given an opportunity for growth and advancement by ensuring education and training is accessible, setting them on a path of excellence in life.


Austin Mayor Bruce Todd makes improving school-to-work transition one of three top priorities for Austin City Council

Capital Area Training Foundation chartered with funds from the City of Austin, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and one of the first federal school-to-career grants awarded in the country

Nine industry clusters of business leaders formed to devise workplace development strategies

First group of 30 Gateway trainees graduate pilot construction program

First college and career fair for high school students held, now the largest event of its kind in the region and known as the College and Career Expo

Empower Computer Literacy program, then known as Community Technology Training Centers, started to prepare workforce for shift to technology-driven economy and workplace

Technology and Education Executive Council, now known as the STEM Council formed to address need for high-tech career-ready graduates for Austin’s economic future